Treasuring Friendships

I have had lots of acquaintances but I only have a few friends. We are not complete anymore but my friendship with them remain despite the distance, despite the change in lifestyle and despite all the circumstances. I am blessed to have good friends who never lead me to stray and values me in my hermit moments. And because of these people, I defined friendship in a different way, not by frequency but by the constancy of your few and memorable moments together.

I got to spend a little more time with a few of my girlfriends Lovette and Emerald in one an overlooking restaurant. This is fresh and amazing time. And I noticed that our conversation has been always the same. We do things the same although with much lesser time and it was really fun. It was just like the old times.





Counting Your Blessings Day 4-7/365

The past four days has been hectic. I have been thinking and doing so many things for my up coming wedding. Plus I am going to my-not-so-kind-to-the-body-job. I feel really exhausted sometimes. But what makes it all alright are the people and experience that will make you feel blessed

Day 4 – getting outfits, etc for engagement shoot was getting me super dizzy but I get to run errands alone which I haven’t done for a long time.

Day 5 – duties sometimes are so stressful but I got to feed my co-workers and someone went up to me that she wants to be seen by only me. Thats nice that they trust me.

Day 6 – exhaustion and vertigo from a 24 hr duty and I went for a check-up and it was absolutely clear. Thank God. And I bought something for my mom that made her happy and excited.

Day 7 – just woke up and wrote this. It was a refreshing sleep. God is good.

Healthy Options Series 4: The Role of Emotions in Your Diet

My emotions govern my diet. I have made this mistake over and over again. I was just over 53 kg but I have bloated to 70 kg over the past years because I am so emotional. The sadder I am the more I ate. It has contributed to all my failed diets. And the more I fail at my diet the more depress I get. But one of my healthy friends suggested these:

1. Do not keep any unhealthy food in your refrigerator and pantry.
2. Drink lots of water in between meals
3. Store lots of fruits, vegetable and healthy snacks that are easy to make like cereal.
4. If you like chips try dehydrating fruits and make healthy salsa and other dips.
5. Get healthier replacement for your food, e.g. instead of carbonated drinks use coconut water it is fresh and healthy
6. Get some exercise. Exercise will increase your endorphins which will make you happy at least at some point.
7. When you’re sad, get a hobby or keep yourself busy to divert you attention.

I hope you find this article helpful. Try some of his tips and let’s be healthy together.

Counting Your Blessings 2-3/365

I had so little time a few weeks ago. I was completely exhausted from everything. I was really just literally coming home, eat, sleep and then start my day again. Sometimes your body and mind needs to rest. I have a much anticipated 3-day rest period.

I am on my 3rd day now and my body is aching of due to lying in bed and just relaxing. It is such a reward that I am able to do this wonderful thing. I am unwiring my mind and just think of pleasant things in life.

How about you? Have you had some good rest?

Picture it & Write: Inner Trolls

giant ogre

credits to the owner of this photo

Every day I walk down the streets and everybody greets me nicely. I greet them courteously. I am pretty much known as one of the nicest girl in town. Almost close to perfect.

That’s all because I am perfect and all of them are so average. I am so disgusted that I have to greet, touch or help them. I am not like them. Why should everyone be created so inferior than me?


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Counting Your Blessings 1/365

I have read some of the passages in my Bible yesterday. I am not a really good and very religious person. I have had, from time to time, wavering faiths. The pressures of my work and just the chaos of day to day makes me slip away. I do take some time to pray but it is rare that I make a very intent talk with God.

For months now, I have been plagued by guilt for something that I have done. It maybe isn’t so grave to others but the morality of what I did to make an escape from my previous horror is unforgivable. It was not an honest deed and I could have done it properly instead of doing it all the wrong way.

I have already asked forgiveness for the million times that I did what I did but I could not seem to forgive myself. I have prayed about and I have cried about it too. It took a toll on the planning of my wedding, my relationship, my work and my body. I have been tired and feels a little bit down. And for the past three months, I have attributed all that has gone wrong as a punishment for what I did.

Yesterday though I had one my intent prayers. I took my bible and I was reading Psalm 85, and the first line states this:

“You showed favor to your land, O Lord; you restored the fortunes of Jacob. You forgave the iniquity of your people and covered all their sins. You set aside all your wrath and turned from your fierce anger”.

The Lord has been graceful and heard my prayers. I know that I have been forgiven. Day 1 of counting my blessing resonates one of the best blessing I have ever had.

Disclaimer: For those who are religion-sensitive community, I am making any issues or whatsoever. I am just sharing my story. Please bear with my posts. Thank you.

Picture it & Write: Ambivalence


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We are often caught in the ambivalence of life. To speak sweetly but thinking horrible at one another. To do an act of kindness but revere only to recognition. To smile but in truth it is a silent laugh to mock. And this is who we are and who we will be if we don’t commit our lives to accept, to change, to commit and to get involved.


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