Picture it & Write: Ambivalence


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We are often caught in the ambivalence of life. To speak sweetly but thinking horrible at one another. To do an act of kindness but revere only to recognition. To smile but in truth it is a silent laugh to mock. And this is who we are and who we will be if we don’t commit our lives to accept, to change, to commit and to get involved.


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Healthy Option Series 3: Plant Your Food

Getting healthy is a serious thing to deal with because of all the temptation and toxicities in the world. As I have said before, I have again made another relapse but this time it is because of my hormonal imbalance. I had a very prolonged and heavy bleeding that I needed to rest. In consequence I have been eating unhealthy again because my exercise time is now a free time. Some of my free time is spent on watching food channels both on Youtube and TV. While this makes me hungry, it has benefited me as well because I am now inspired to make a herb/vegetable/fruit garden.


One of the best way to be healthy is to have a garden fresh ingredients. It will be most wonderful if everything is made organic. We have just been composting and watering our plants which makes everything more healthy. I am very happy that we get fresh ingredients.

I know one of the problems of gardening is space but potting plants wss.ill be a nice alternative. Some of our plants are shown below. I hope this inspires you to garden as well. Happy gardening everyone.


Leaks with tomato seeds starting to grow some leaves.


I bought this Tarragon plant and it is awesome


Philippine Basil or Sanguig




My Flattened Chives (I don’t know why).


I don’t know what plant is this but it definetly is minty and smells like vick’s vapor rub.


I transferred the cherry tomatoes seedlings will regrow them separately when they are bigger.


Oregano or Kalabo


Spring Onions

I will give an update on my garden. And I have many more plants in mind to put on my mini garden. Stay tuned :)


Healthy Options Series 2: What you need to Know

What are the basics of a healthy lifestyle? Medically I think it is the computation of your body mass index (BMI) and ideal daily calorie intake. This is the core of weight loss programs.

What do you need to compute your BMI? You need to determine your weight in kilograms and your height in meters. Your BMI will determine if your are normal, overweight or obese. Various medical studies relates higher BMI to several disorder more commonly in Hypertension and Diabetes.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the interpretation of the results are as follows:


In computing your daily calorie intake, I used the one published in the Medicine Blue Book 9th edition by Willie T. Ong, MD and Anna Liza R. Ong, MD.

  • Take your ideal body weight. In women, 100 lbs for the 1st 5ft then additional 5 lbs for each additional inch. In men, 106 lbs for the 1st 5 ft and additional 6 lbs for each additional inch. Note: For small frames subtract 10% and for large frames add 10%. Convert the weight from lbs to kg by dividing 2.2.
  • Ideal body weight X 35 cal/kg = daily calorie intake
  • The daily calories intake must be divided into 50% carbohydrates (cal/day x 0.4/4=grams of carbs) , 20% protein (cal/day x 0.2/4=grams of protein) and 30% fat (cal/day x 0.3/9=grams of fat)

So start counting your weight and calories so that you can start a proper diet. If this is too complicated for you there are lots of calculating apps that can be used to. Or you can consult your doctor for more information.

Picture it & Write: I am a Woman


– Photography by mehmeturgut on Deviantart.

I am a woman

I am daughter

I am a sister

and I am a mother.

I am a woman but I am not your prostitute

I am not your slave

Nor am I your punching bag

I deserve respect

I deserve to dream

I deserve to be loved

I deserve to be heard

and I deserve to live

because I am a woman.


We Are Love146 from Neighborhood Film Co. on Vimeo.


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#FWF Free Write Friday: Time and Place

The year is 1682, winter has passed but I am still on this boat. I have been looking at this window for ages to see the new land. I am thrilled to set foot on it. I am very lucky that my father has allowed me to accompany him. His name is William Penn.


It is almost sunset. The sky is still bright. My stairs are illuminated by the sun’s ray. And I can hear inaudible shouts from the crew above.Until finally someone shouted, “LAND”.

I was hurriedly collected by one of my father’s crew. He summoned me, Papa. I hurriedly climbed to see him. Then he said, “Sophie, this will be called Pennsylvania”.


This is my contribution to Free Write Friday.


Healthy Options Series 1: Choosing to be Healthy

To be healthy is more than just the exercise and diet, you must choose it. I had my shares of becoming addicted to exercise and abruptly stopped because I lost the interest to do so. I crash diet at some points but I never made a lot of progress. In fact, in 2003-2005 I exercised a lot and I had for most healthy foods but I relapsed. I gained a ton. Over the years I tried and then relapsed and retried and relapsed.

It is true that the world today is becoming busier and busier everyday. And we resort to all sorts of bad poisons and habit. The technology made everything easy but made most of us unhealthy. Well health isn’t easy it requires tedious work to be achieved. You must change your mindset to attain optimum health.


  • You should and must acknowledge all the bad things you are doing to you body. Just like all the other things in world, you must graciously accept your mistakes. I looked myself at the mirror and finally said you are unhealthy. And once I did I was pretty much driven to change everything.
  • I shifted my thinking from aesthetics to potential health benefits. Yes, we ourselves and the society dictated the size 0 causing lots of people especially women to crash diet and even made themselves anorexic and bulimic. Health is first and let aesthetics be just the consequences of becoming healthy.
  • Join a club that focuses on health. Joining a club or forming it together with your friends and family will definitely help. Surround yourselves with people that believe in your cause. Two or many is better than one. Success rate is increased when you have someone who can inspire you and encourage you.
  • Make a timeline based on a realistic goals. Put it in your phone’s reminders or posting it in your mirror or your kitchen ref just to remind you of your aims.
  • Knowledge is power. As a health worker, I actually have been equipped with the consequences of becoming unhealthy and it isn’t pretty. So try to research on potential health risks. Plus getting sick is much more expensive than getting healthy.

I encourage to find ways to change your mindset. It takes a lot of effort but you will definitely rip the benefits by choosing to do so. God bless everyone.

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man control his mind, he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will come to him”.

- Buddha


The Drift

Papa and I were so close when I was young. I admired him so much for pretty much everything. When I was in second grade, he and I started to become oil and water. We never clicked like we used too. He lost his job to a very extreme case of gout. Our family seems to be so afflicted with rapid increase in uric acid causing our joints to inflame badly. So with all his joints inflamed including every little joint, Papa came home defeated and probably depressed.

Mama is a public librarian. She has a meager salary and ended up with so many loans just to get us through. I used to complain so much of our life and as well as Papa’s lack of determination to help us. I was astounded by the fact that he spent his days angry, moody and simply sits on the chair day by day. I never understood it as a young child and was still full of pride when I became a young adult. And as stupid as I was, I did only come to realize that Papa was clinically depressed on his deathbed.

Clinical depression is condition characterized by symptoms categorized by Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder. It is a serious condition that may lead to suicide but it is treatable if the patient is willing to undergo medications and therapy treatments.

In our country where going to a therapist has it social stigma, awareness for such disorder remains a little bit behind bars. Social awareness is a must not just for clinical depression but all other psychiatric disorders because our society plays a big role with the probable development and worsening of condition that has high mortality rate. Going to a therapist is not to be shamed of, it has to be addressed before it worsens.

Support from the family is another big thing. My Papa would have been a little better if I had made it a little easier for him. I was to consumed with anger. Luckily despite everything Papa has my mom and my other siblings. Me I was just angry probably depressed too.

I urge everyone to be aware of your family, friends and other acquaintances. They might be going through something. A little encouragement,  a smile or a little act of kindness would make a whole lot difference for someone.