The Drift

Papa and I were so close when I was young. I admired him so much for pretty much everything. When I was in second grade, he and I started to become oil and water. We never clicked like we used too. He lost his job to a very extreme case of gout. Our family seems to be so afflicted with rapid increase in uric acid causing our joints to inflame badly. So with all his joints inflamed including every little joint, Papa came home defeated and probably depressed.

Mama is a public librarian. She has a meager salary and ended up with so many loans just to get us through. I used to complain so much of our life and as well as Papa’s lack of determination to help us. I was astounded by the fact that he spent his days angry, moody and simply sits on the chair day by day. I never understood it as a young child and was still full of pride when I became a young adult. And as stupid as I was, I did only come to realize that Papa was clinically depressed on his deathbed.

Clinical depression is condition characterized by symptoms categorized by Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder. It is a serious condition that may lead to suicide but it is treatable if the patient is willing to undergo medications and therapy treatments.

In our country where going to a therapist has it social stigma, awareness for such disorder remains a little bit behind bars. Social awareness is a must not just for clinical depression but all other psychiatric disorders because our society plays a big role with the probable development and worsening of condition that has high mortality rate. Going to a therapist is not to be shamed of, it has to be addressed before it worsens.

Support from the family is another big thing. My Papa would have been a little better if I had made it a little easier for him. I was to consumed with anger. Luckily despite everything Papa has my mom and my other siblings. Me I was just angry probably depressed too.

I urge everyone to be aware of your family, friends and other acquaintances. They might be going through something. A little encouragement,  a smile or a little act of kindness would make a whole lot difference for someone.

Tinago Falls Revisited

I can’t remember when was the last time I went to this majestic falls. I repeatedly come back to her whether or not I can go down easily or not. Tinago falls, proud to say, is among the most beautiful falls in the world.2014101155852

Tinago falls is one of the 32 falls in Iligan City that is open to the public. In the early 90’s, the falls was yet to be reached by people because you have to go down in a difficult terrain. On the half of the 90’s era, a resort was made on the area. They made the stairs downwards so that people can easily go down. The resort was closed because of mismanagement but the stairs remain. Today what is wonderful is that Tinago falls was engrossed again with mother earth, the ghost of the past resort was engulfed in nature’s structures.


Tinago was named so because the falls is located in a gorge-like area. It is enclosed by the two mountains bordering between side of Buru-un, Iligan City and Linamon, Lanao del Norte. Between each side are local entrance areas were people ask for donations.


Tinago is a deep falls with crisp blue to dark emerald green waters. I will always remember that even though Papa had a very difficult time going down because of his arthritis he went down with us and enjoyed the place. He marveled at the beauty.


Fast forward 2014, Tinago Falls is still very beautiful. It is still iconic and breathtaking. So when you do come by to our place, visit Tinago and drool over her.


DIY Make Up Brush Holder

I have been into make up lately. A little late bloomer for it. So I had just begun my make up collection. First stop are the make up brushes. I had bought individual make up brushes at first and I just store them in multipurpose plastic boxes in their own packaging. It is a tasking thing to do since I have to remove all the brushes I need one by one.

While browsing the internet the high-end brushes like Sigma, have this wonderful brush holders that has a cover to protect the brushes from dusting and other stuff. Since it is pricey and not readily available in our place, I made my own. It is cost effective and it will save mother earth as well.

So here are the things you need:

  1. An empty plastic bottle (soda bottle, water bottle, etc.)
  2. Cutter, paper cutter and scissors
  3. Glue and glue gun
  4. Old empty carton box or old paper folders
  5. Any decorated or scrapbooking paper


1. Cut the cleaned and dried bottle in half using a cutter and scissors to smoothen the edges.



2. Using the top of the bottle. Measure the length of the area on which you can cover it with paper. Do the same with the lower portion of the bottle. However, if the lower bottle portion has an unusual shape then follow the other steps.

3. Cut the paper and cover the upper and lower bottle using a glue gun. For the unusual bottoms cut a portion of the carton and smoothly paste the scrapbook paper on top of it.


4. After covering, cut the carton in a much higher length than the lower portion of the bottle, about 1 inch or measure the length of your brushes so you can get all of it easily. Then put it inside the lower portion following the circle shape of the bottle. For the unusual bottoms, use the covered carton and put it inside the bottle following the its circle shape. Fasten both using a glue gun.



5. Put your brushes inside and cover.


Compact Travel 2013

January – My boyfriend and I were scouting for a venue to cater the upcoming wedding of his brother. And on that day also, I promised some of our missionary priest friends to visit their place in Pindugangan. On the way to Spiritans’ Home, there are beautiful boulders that we stopped by to take a picture. We also stopped by one of the iconic houses in our place, our former President’s home, the Macapagal House.


February – What is fun about my work is that I have two gay co-workers. There is something about gays that I really enjoyed. So we had our mini date in Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park. And I had to explore Jimenez, it my work place after all. It’s a simple old town with beautiful things to offer.

March – Sweaty and having so much fun. My boyfriend and I run with our dogs to a fun run. It was the first fun run ever held in our place that people enjoyed it so much as well as our fur babies.

April – Summer time here. We decided to have a family vacation and went to my mother’s hometown, Molave, Zamboanga del Sur we enjoyed the “fiesta” and had some water splash on the towns natural spring pool. Then we head after to the famous Dakak Beach Resort  in Dapitan City. Sun-basking, theme parks, Rizal’s niche and family time.

May – It came like a blast. I celebrated mother’s day with my mom and her friends in Dahilayan Forest Park in Bukidnon enjoying the cold, the fun and most of all the zipline. Then I had one of the most beautiful experience in my life having to go to the beautiful island of Siquijor.

June – I was pretty much in the sick zone. I attended to a local fiesta and ended up with an IV hooked around because of diarrhea and dehydration. I was the only physician available to attend to their hospital. Good thing when I got home, my dog Moccah was there to comfort me.

July – Since my boyfriend loves the food from HUKAD, a local restaurant which means to serve food, he purposely went to my workplace and dropped off Ozamis City to enjoy their delicious food.

August – My nephew and niece with their parents are coming home from Dubai to have a vacation. I had a wedding to attend, I need to circumcise my nephew and I had to work, date, play, etc. Busy month for me. We went to Davao City and enjoyed the D’leoner Resort. We had a blast because my sisters are there also. It’s just that Papa is not around anymore to enjoy with us.

2013-08-16 17.41.46

September – It’s my father’s first death anniversary, my sisters came home and brought our mother to the family’s hangout the Don Arc Beach Resort in Initao Misamis Occidental. And I went with my gay friends again to the famous river in Jimenez, Misamis Occidental, Camil. It has its legend but I just enjoyed the view.

2013-09-11 09.52.38

October – You know Rio in Brazil has the famous Jesus Christ statue watching over the place from the mountains. El Salvador, Misamis Oriental have also their Divine Mercy Statue. It has been the staple for tourism and spirituality of the place.

2013-10-21 09.49.40

November – Water falls tour. Our place Iligan City has 32 waterfalls but only 19 is open to the public. And here is just two of it, Mimbalot and Maria Christina falls and their respective parks.

2013-11-02 12.08.16

December – It was family time and the food which my mom cooks were divine.

I had a blast in 2013. It was full of realizations and fun. Trials and tribulations came but what is more important is how you grow and how you live your life with the memories and lessons you have.

30 Things at 30

I had a blast yesterday having to celebrate a very simple birthday with my loved ones. And plus I have been answering greetings from good old and new friends, family and acquaintances. It was such a blessed day.

On this day as 30 officially, here are the things that I have learned and that I want to share that are keepers for life.

  1. Have FAITH in God.
  2. LOVE your family.
  3. Choose to be HAPPY with your partner, family, friends and life in general.
  4. Be PASSIONATE about your career.
  5. FORGIVE the unforgivable.
  6. RESPECT others.
  7. LET GO of the past.
  8. SHARE your blessings.
  9. Be GRATEFUL for everything.
  10. Value FRIENDSHIPS.
  11. LISTEN.
  12. Stay HUMBLE.
  13. INSPIRE others.
  14. Live your DREAMS and never give up.
  15. Take ACTION.
  16. Be CREATIVE.
  17. Have a CHILD-LIKE heart.
  18. Use TIME wisely.
  20. RELIVE happy memories.
  21. Choose to be OPTIMISTIC.
  22. Be KIND.
  23. FOCUS on what you can do not on what you cannot.
  24. ACCEPT your imperfections.
  25. LAUGH at your mistakes.
  26. ENJOY all the simple things in life.
  27. Be SIMPLE.
  28. Always create MEMORIES.
  29. Have a good ATTITUDE.
  30. And Be YOU.


Dog Dairies

2013-10-27 06.49.06

My father is not only a father to us but also a father to several of our dogs. He loves them like a child. Overtime I understood that dogs have their diaries. The diaries are written all over their hearts and eyes. We once had a dog named Nikkos. He is sweet, well cultured and very quiet most often. He greets us properly, he waits for his turn and he can be a good companion even in churches. However, Nikkos has a temper and it can go explosive.

Despite his temper, Nikkos was my father’s buddy and he is the only one who can control him. A constant companion, he goes with him everywhere and mostly on errands, my father would take him to a motorcycle ride. This has been a regular pleasant view to all our neighbors and other passersby. Nikkos loved this and more than that he loved my father. When everything feel a little gloom in our family, I never saw the twinkle in his eyes fade whenever he sees my father. Papa was his person and even to his last dog years, Nikkos never looses that glitter.

I once heard that dogs will love his person more than himself. And I am firm believer. I can see how our dogs love us unconditionally. How they never fail early morning greetings, how they wanted to just be all over you when go out of the house even in 5 minutes or how they never fail to cry when you go out and don’t bring them along. Their love is immeasurable no bounds and is not constrained by money or other circumstances. A dog’s love is Godly.

Always love your dogs. Be responsible because you may never find someone who will love you that much.


The Unsimple Hiatus

Dear WordPress,

I was so upset because I accidentally corrupted my google authenticator which means I couldn’t enter my own blog. After days and weeks of finding solution a solution I remembered that I have kept my back up codes. I think you security is good but my clumsiness sucks. One month I was unable to write and one month my heart sunk as every week and days I received newsletters from my the blogs I follow. I envy how they can write freely.

Finally something came up… my accidental hiatus has now been over. So happy I can just write again :)